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Catalogue distributors offset their mailing costs by allowing third party, non-competitive advertisers to insert into their catalogue.  Inserting into an existing mailing allows third party advertisers to reach a targeted demographic defined by the catalogue product and audience.  It also allows them to mail to a name list without paying the high cost of solo mail.

With a number of distributors focussing on cutting costs, inserting is becoming increasingly more popular.  This is a more receptive option than mailing cold lists as they reach consumers proven to be receptive to DM communications.

The additional brand endorsement created by using a respected and established original carrier will ensure that third party inserts will attract the consumer attention they need.

Due to inserts being a new service offered by Mokrynski International for 2009 we would keep our commission costs to a minimum. However, we have the clients and contacts/relationships with planners to justify we will reach your targets. Our advertising will work directly in-line with our marketing of our managed lists.

For further information on advertising your insert space please contact Imran Englefield on 01634 225085






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