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List Brokerage

List Broking

‘Trading in mailing lists for marketing or publicity by direct mail’.

Here at Mokrynski we provide the data you need to recruit new customers. We will help you filter lists based on a variety of factors from location, household demographics, household or business income and industry to target the most responsive list for your mailing.

The success of a direct marketing campaign depends on several factors, including your offering. In order to get your message to consumers, we will help you determine the right lists with the right demographics to reach the audience that will be most receptive to your mailing.

Consumer Lists

If you intend to launch a direct marketing campaign for consumers, having your mailers, emails or telemarketing calls reach the right households is imperative. As is the case with most marketing campaigns, you need to balance the cost and scope of your campaign to get the best return on your investment. With access to extensive databases we can help make sure you are investing in the right lists.

Business Lists

If you are marketing a B2B product or service through direct marketing, then you need a specialised list that will fall into the hands of the business owners you want to target. Business lists tend to be more precise, especially if your product or service is designed for a specific type of business or industry. We are able to source lists that allow you to filter by industry, business size, turnover, number of employees and other demographics most suited to your campaign.

Choosing the Right List

Lists are categorised as either compiled or responsive. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. We will help choose the best avenue for our clients depending on their needs.


Compiled data is primarily obtained through open records, including phone books, government records, credit files and surveys. The household or business contacts on these lists can be further filtered by geographic locations, gender, income, interest, marital status and age. These files tend to be better for those who want to focus on specific demographics, target businesses or have a very niche offering. However, the return on investment can vary and tends to be more dependent on the quality of the marketing message.


Unlike the contacts in the compiled database, those on responsive lists have in one way or another volunteered their information. These lists can be sorted by age, spend, recency and postcode. They are usually gathered through sources like catalogues, magazine subscriptions and other direct marketing responses.

These are known as ‘Opt in’ lists, meaning the contacts are more receptive to your message and have given approval to receive third party mailings. These files tend to be smaller in size than compiled lists but can produce a better return, dependent on the offering, as more targeted.

Our experienced List Brokers can help advise the most suitable course of action and will work closely with each client from the early planning stages, advising throughout, finishing with result analysis once the campaign has run its cycle.