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Mokrynski International

The UK list and insert specialists since 1996. We provide you with the expertise, knowledge and resources to acquire new customers, increase sales and maximise profit.

Our services include customer acquisition through list & insert planning, data management (cleaning and analytics) and consultancy.

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Profile your data and find exactly who your customer is.  With over 30 years experience in mail order and retail our Consultancy service specialises in strategic and financial planning, marketing and operations for home shopping companies.

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Mokrynski’s expert List and Insert Planning provides specialist advice on not only the best lists to mail and titles to insert but also how to optimise and combine their campaigns. From selection criteria to swap opportunities, from de-dupe advice to post mailing results analysis, we can help you recruit more customers at a lower cost.

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The List and Insert Management service is specifically designed to serve owners of the highest quality UK lists and insert opportunities and we are recognised by mailers, brokers and agencies throughout the UK as a leading source for such lists.

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Our Data Management services provides complete data bureau and management solutions.  From design and development to cleansing and analysis, Mokrynski are here to maximise profit and minimise waste.

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